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sings SPICE! loudly at you

You can just call me Spice. Hope you stay a while ♪


This is a side blog, so unfortunately i can't send asks myself,, but I'll definitely reply to you, though sometimes i don't see everything. If I do happen to want to send an ask, it's from another blog with an extra dash int he url

Ask box ー Open!

m!a status ー Shota SPICE! Len Spice for 10 asks: 0/10

"What interestingly colored eyes you have!" He beamed. "they remind me of marbles." ( from apple rose tart )


Shota SPICE! Spice 2/10

Spice-kun? -squats down- You look more tinier than usual, and you have... no shirt? You must be cold... -sweatdrops-

Shota SPICE! Spice 1/10

Shota SPICE! Spice for 10 asks—

((And with that, all my closet asks are done!! I’m sorry it took so long. I sleep through drawing sometimes.If I didn’t answer a closet you sent me, then I’m afraid tumblr ate it ;;; I’m sorry if that’s the case!! I noticed a few of you said you sent twice when i didn’t get the first one at all.
And so back to normal life i enjoyed smooching everyone :3c
Inbox is open again!! I’m about to post an m!a, so everything will be directed to that. Since it’s like 5am, I’ll also reblog this in the morning since not everyone has too much spare time like I do.


Closet? //hides

spices fact blog B)   


i definitely didn’t make a fact blog for him

closet //hopeyoudontmindinvertedshota

[[ i'm not sure if i sent one already but if not //closet ]]

closet - KinderBueno